Putin is waging a war against freedom, and the people of Ukraine are his latest target. Defend Truth. Tell Congress to protect democracy now.

Write Congress
Female Ukrainian soldier with blue and yellow ribbons braided in her hair

As Ukrainians defend their land against an enemy hellbent on conquest, it is critical that the US continues to support Ukraine in the fight against dictatorship.

Our support ensures the safety and stability of the free world. Supporting Ukraine now will ensure that Russia can't threaten us later.

Victory for Ukraine Is

Victory for Us All

Girl in blue dress blowing bubbles in grass outside of bombed-out apartment buildings in Ukraine.
Male protester holding an image of Putin’s face with red paint and the word “Killer”

We must remain committed to providing military and humanitarian support for Ukraine to ensure freedom and democracy prevail.

Ukrainian soldiers kneeling at a funeral processional for other soldiers
Child at a protest holding a blue and yellow sign that says #StandWithUkraine


Tell Congress to hold Russia accountable for war crimes.

Get the Truth

Garry Kasparov, founder of RDI, spent a decade warning about Putin’s impending invasion of Ukraine while others debated Putin’s intentions. As eyewitnesses with a presence in Ukraine, RDI sees through the endless discussions and focuses on the truth. Join us to learn what’s going to happen next.